Let me introduce myself

Are you an Entrepreneur of any kind?

Welcome!!! I am so excited that you have found your way here.

I wear many hats and love each and every one of them. Teaching has

been a massive part of my life for over 40 years and I continue to

enjoy creating engaging, authentic and meaningful material to

help you to deliver your lessons to your students. I have had to

learn how to share this material via the internet to other teachers

throughout the world.

This has been a massive learning curve for me…..I have learned

about blogging, website design, Teachers Pay Teachers stores

Video creation and a whole lot more. This website is the meeting

point of all of these experiences. On this site you will find a

variety of websites and services for you to explore.

Thanks again for joining me here.

Teaching Resources

Are you looking for quality teaching resources to supplement your teaching toolkit? Click on the image to go to my SELZ store or click here if you prefer to use Teachers Pay Teachers.

About me

I began to create videos for my own needs, and before long I was addicted to creating content for other Teacherpreneur friends and local businesses.


Facbook Headers easily created

Need a header for your Facebook Page? I will work with you to help design the exact fit with your business.

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Sample videos using a variety of different software


Animated explainer videos.